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If you’re like me, you love browsing Pinterest creating inspiration boards of all your rooms. You want your home put together without it feeling staged, to have little touches around that make your space cozy and comfortable – but you’re not quite sure how to get there.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Janelle Carlson from Carlson Interior Design. Janelle is a graduate of Sheridan College with a Bachelor in Interior Design and she’s here to give us her top 5 tips on how to style your space; featuring a clients recent farmhouse kitchen renovation.

“This farmhouse kitchen was designed with the utmost attention to detail to make sure it would be a beautiful, yet functional space. The client of this home adores all things food & entertainment, so incorporating these crucial aspects of their lives was key to create a space of perfection. With a large window in front of the sink, created a lovely view while tending to dishes. The large island poses as a prep space for baking or a buffet for large family gatherings. Knowing how you utilize your space prior to any design project, can make the end result that much more satisfying!” – Janelle Carlson

1 Texture. “Playing with texture is a fun way to add interest to a space! If you’re timid of bright pops of colour, layering multiple textures in neutral tones will add dimension & depth to your home. Incorporating neutral textures through chunky knit throws, linen pillows & tone on tone patterns, will help you achieve this look! Using two planters in the same colour with differing textures is another great example of bringing this design style to life.” – Janelle Carlson

Featured Items: Monstera, Longleaf Planter, Burgundy Rubber Plant, Fernwood Snake Plant, Prayer Beads, Alabaster Heart Stone, Blair Pot.

Plant care guide:

  • Monstera’s are an easy to grow indoor plant with interesting serrated leaves. They love bright light and will reward their plant owner with lush new growth regularly. They have a vining habit, and can be trained up a moss pole. Monsteras like to be watered regularly in the spring/summer and left to dry out between watering in the winter.
  • Burgundy Rubber Plants are in the ficus genus (fig) and grow large, deep burgundy leaves. They enjoy bright light similar to the monstera and similar watering habits.
  • Fernwood Snake Plants are a unique variety of Dracaena (previously known as Sansevieria). They can tolerate low light and drought conditions so watching watering is a must.

2 Adding a mirror. “A mirror can create the illusion of a larger space in an area that may seem a bit snug! The mirror will also reflect any natural light from nearby windows & add brightness as well. On a side note, a mirror is a lovely addition to your entry way to check your hair/makeup/outfit before heading out the door!” – Janelle Carlson

Featured Items: Seagrass Basket, Linen Pillow (Coral), Pillow Gardenbloom, Tineke Ficus Plant

Plant care guide:

  • Tineke Ficus is another plant in the fig genus. They have showy pink/ green/cream varigated leaves and make wonderful accent indoor plants. They require bright light and enjoy being watered regularly in the summer and to dry out between watering in the winter.

3 Keeping it neutral and adding pops of colour. “Designing your space in neutral hues allows you to add colour as you feel! Over time, our tastes change – it’s inevitable! By choosing the more permanent items in your home (cabinetry, countertops, flooring & backsplash) to remain neutral, this creates a backdrop for your current favourite colour to shine. Adding colour through fresh cut flowers, tee towels, candles, pillows & throw blankets will allow your accents to take centre stage without being too pricy to interchange as your tastes evolve.” – Janelle Carlson 

Featured Items: Amalia Jar, Plant Mister

Fresh Flower Tips:

  • Add clean water to your vase daily and change the water completely every 2-4 days (watch for murkiness).
  • When changing the water, re-trim the bottom stems of the flowers at a slight angle to allow better water up-take (with clean scissors or shears).
  • Use plant food in your water to extend the life of your bouquet.
  • Keep flowers out of direct light.

4 Mixed Metals. “The trend of matching the entirety of your space with the same metal, is long gone! Playing with gold & matte black or polished nickel & gold (the list goes on!) has been welcomed into the design world with open arms through light fixtures, cabinetry hardware & decor throughout! Adding multiple layers of metals into your design project will not only add a punch to your space but also allows your personality to shine through.” – Janelle Carlson

Featured Items: Shadow Planter, Alabaster Heart

5 Outdoor Elements. “As much as the interior of your home showcases your tastes & personality, we can’t forget about the exterior! For each dwelling or commercial space, the exterior is the first impression made by all who enter it. By adding & layering outdoor planters & a cheeky entry rug, this will help set the stage for what’s to come inside.” – Janelle Carlson 

Featured Items: Nomad Lanterns, Doormat, Basket

Plant tips for outdoors:

  • There are many ways to change out your outdoor planters through the seasons to add a warm welcome by your door.
  • In the spring, frost hardy plants like pansies and kale can be planted to add colour beside your door.
  • By the end of May, bedding plants can be potted that will carry through until a hard frost (usually in September).
  • In September, clean out bedding plants in planters and add in birch poles, corn stalks, pumpkins, and mums. Mums are typically hardy up to -4C.
  • Going into the winter months, fresh greens like cedar, pine, and fir can be used to create beautiful winter planters that will last until March. Place around the already installed birch poles.

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