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Ready to dig into plant life?

Maybe you've landed here because you want to learn more about plants and gardening, or you're wondering what it's like to operate a greenhouse and business.

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Are you a plant person? You're in the right place to find fun, easy to read information all about plants.


Interested in becoming a greenhouse grower? Join me as we talk a little more technical about running a greenhouse operation.


Coming soon. A podcast all about starting a business and the first 5 years.

hello there.

I’m Christie,

Bare feet, surrounded by green plants - that sounds like heaven to me.

I’m Christie Pollack, horticulturist, entrepreneur, and dream chaser. I spend my days hanging out with my family and running my greenhouse. I have an education in horticulture and hands on experience on what it takes to grow a really good plant. If you want to know more, I'm your girl.

Grower,Gardener, Life time student, curious

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We are a real brick and mortar greenhouse located only a couple minutes east of High Prairie, Alberta

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One of the practices we have is developing and writing out our core values within our business. These core values are in place to filter out the noise. Want to learn more?

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