Flower Deadheading

What is deadheading? When people talk about deadheading flowers they’re referring to removing old blooms that are finished.

Why deadhead?

  1. To improve the look of the plant. If you have a bunch of dried up flowers on it, it doesn’t look as good.
  2. To give the plant more energy to invest in new blooms.

How do you deadhead? Pinch the flower off above the next set of leaves or main stem.

Something to keep in mind is that not all flowers require deadheading. As you can see in the picture of the tag above, there are some plants that require no deadheading.

How to pick the right tomato plant

With a plethora of tomato varieties to choose from to grow at home, how do you pick the right tomato? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself when trying to decide the best varieties to grow. What do you want to use your tomatoes for? Fresh eating? Canning? Salsa making? Cherry tomatoes are great for fresh

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Designing a Holiday Centrepiece with Chickenwire

To create your holiday centrepiece in a more environmentally conscience way, you’ll need: a pair of pruners, an up-cycled planter, a 1ft square of chickenwire, 1-2 stems of cedar, 1 stem of fir and 1 stem of pine. Step One Let’s get started! The first thing you are going to do is shape your chickenwire

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Planting Paperwhites for the Winter Season

Creating a paperwhite planter for your home is a fun and easy project to do. What you’ll need: Crushed glass, pebbles, or rock A container or vase to put your bulbs in A pack of paperwhite bulbs Water 1 Pour your rock, crushed glass, or pebbles into your container or vase. Keep in mind the

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Easy Tropicals for First Time Plant Parents

If you’re just starting your very first plant collection, these are the easiest tropicals that I recommend in my greenhouse to first time houseplant customers. One of my personal favs; ZZ Plants require almost no care and boast luscious, shiny green leaves. They can handle dark areas of the house and minimal watering (like water

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Liquid vs. Slow Release Fertilizer

What’s the difference between liquid and slow release fertilizer? Liquid fertilizer is instantly available for your plant to use and slow release fertilizer breaks down over time for your plant to use. Liquid fertilizer can be purchased as a powder or liquid that is further diluted by mixing into water. Slow release fertilizer is a

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Prairie Fruit Pollination

Apples 🐝 Apple trees require two different varieties for pollination. What that means is that you need to purchase two different types of apples to be planted in close range (within 30ft) so that they can pollinate each other to create fruit. If you have a small yard, there are two exciting options. 1) Combination

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