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Plant lover (obsessed with actually), introspective and a total introvert, but yet still a greenhouse owner with a large retail component. 

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Hi, I'm Christie

I have not followed the golden rule, one of the absolute keys to being successful running a business.

Let me give you a little bit of a backstory. On January 03, 2022 my Facebook (now meta) account got hacked. I had two factor authentication and my phone received a text message with my login code from facebook at 11pm. I was sound asleep when that message came in. At that time, being 7 months pregnant with my second baby, I’d barely be able to make it past 9pm but nearly every night I’d wake up at 1pm for no reason (much to my frustration).

Normally, my routine at 1am was to make a mustard and cheese sandwich (I couldn’t get enough sandwiches when I was pregnant) and I was soooo hungry in the middle of the night. I’d prop my phone up on a cushion to stream a show and eat.

But as I woke up at my typical insomnia moment right at 1am, to my confusion I saw the text message that someone was trying to get into my account – and even worse, an email from facebook saying that they froze my account.

Listen, in the context of the world, what’s the big deal about your facebook account getting froze anyways?! Well for me, it meant I couldn’t’ access any of my business accounts linked to facebook.

The nightmare got worse. Over the next 30 days I tried desperately to flag my account as hacked and recover my accounts. You only get 30 days before they delete it permenantly. I was unsuccessful and after 30 days my account was deleted along with my instagram account I had grown for 8 years.

Defeated is an understatement – I couldn’t believe after all those hours putting into building a brand and engaging with customers around the world it was gone. And to top it off, I was (still am) in the middle of trademarking my business name and 8 years of proof of use went up in smoke.

So, you’ll have to excuse me if I haven’t engaged on any social platform as much as I should’ve these past two years.

What’s the key to business success that I’ve been ignoring these past two years? Consistency. Just being consistent with whatever it is you’re doing. Whether that’s posting online, or on a blog, or sending a newsletter.

It’s taken me a couple years to “get over” the loss of my accounts, but I’m ready to move on.

So, in short (or long) – I’m back!

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