Prairie Fruit Pollination

Apples 🐝

Apple trees require two different varieties for pollination. What that means is that you need to purchase two different types of apples to be planted in close range (within 30ft) so that they can pollinate each other to create fruit.

If you have a small yard, there are two exciting options. 1) Combination apple trees: a combination apple tree is 1 tree with several varieties of apples grafted to it. 2) Dwarf apple trees: there are two types of root stock that apples are grafted too. One type is a dwarf variety that will keep your apple tree small.

Sea Buckthorns 🐝

Sea Buckthorns are dioecious plants. Each plant will either have male or female flowers.

Something to keep in mind is that not all tree farms will sex their sea buckthorns, so it’s best to either purchase sea buckthorns that have been (the tag will indicate male or female), or purchase more mature shrubs (you’ll be able to see the fruit on the females).

When you purchase a sea buckthorn, make sure to buy at least one male and one female. As you grow your collection, one male can pollinate up to 6 females as long as they’re planted within a close range.

Sour Cherries

Exciting developments from the University of Saskatchewan have yielded the cold prairie provinces a selection of hardy sour cherries to choose from.

Cherries are self-pollinating but each variety has unique attributes like sweetness, size of pit, and ripening times.

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