My secret anxiety every spring

Every spring I have a little anxiety. It starts when we begin seeding. What if these little seeds don’t germinate. What if I screw up (and by the way, it’s a guarantee that I’ll screw up, I do every year and every year things seem to work out). What if, what if, what if… and then…..all of a sudden, poking through the potting mix I start to see green. Whew. There they are.

How We Currently Seed


We’re not like most greenhouses. Right now, we seed everything by hand. But…. this is the year I’m going to buy a seeding machine. It’s been on my list for three years and I’m totally committing to it after this spring.

Watch for updates when I finally get my seeding machine and how we’re going to use it.

In the meantime, we’ll keep going down our list and seed away!

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