Poinsettia Misconceptions


Plant lover (obsessed with actually), introspective and a total introvert, but yet still a greenhouse owner with a large retail component. 

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Hi, I'm Christie

Christie: “Ok, that was a slightly disturbing way to introduce yourself Poinsettia.”

Poinsettia: “Well, everyone is always avoiding me because I’m too “high maintenance”, and they think I’m poisonous! How would you feel?”

Christie: “I wouldn’t really like that. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself so we can bust these myths about you?”

Poinsettia: “Ok, I’d love to! So, I’m from the Mazatlán area in Mexico. My family lives all over the southern states in Mexico. I came up north for a job in a greenhouse. I’m sort of considered the Christmas plant spokesplant.

So, I love the heat (and miss it terribly). It’s cold up here in Northern Alberta. If you ever have me over, make sure your house is warm! I don’t do drafts, or cold.

Also, I’m super clutzy and when I cut myself (or break a stem), I sort of ooze out white sap. Don’t worry, its not poisonous. My sap is an irritant but mostly to people that have latex allergies. Also, dogs and cats would find my sap an irritant but I taste horrible so I don’t think they’d eat very much of me (and I’m not just saying that because I don’t want to get eaten!).

Watering. Oh boy. This one always gets our family. I’ve lost more family members to overwatering then I care to say.

I like to stay dry. Like wwwwaaaayyy drier then most people think. I like to wilt a little before I’m watered again. I really don’t get thirsty very often. However…. I love humidity!! Can you blame me since I’m from Mexico?!”

Christie: “Hey, that’s awesome! I know a few more interesting things about you that you forgot to mention. Like that your flowers are actually your bracts (your coloured leaves) and that you make an AWESOME holiday plant! And that you come in several colours.”

Poinsettia: “That’s right! How cool are we?!”

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Source: http://extension.illinois.edu/poinsettia/facts.cfm

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  1. Jillian says:

    Thanks Christie! I did not know that a poinsettia preferred dryer soil conditions!

  2. Molly Nesom says:

    Well now, this arrived just in time! I purchased a lovely poinsettia from a local greenhouse as they support our community and supply plants to Sunnybrook United Church to help us raise funds for kids’ summer camp at Sylvan Lake. Keep up the good work. I love it when people support their local greenhouse!

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