The Greenhouse


Christie’s is a seasonal greenhouse on the outskirts of High Prairie, Alberta. A small team of growers and plant people, we live and breathe what we do.

We feel so honored that people come from far and wide to feel at home in our space – to deal with hard moments and to celebrate happy times. Whether a new or seasoned grower, we have something for you.


who we are

we grow beautiful plants and source small batch goods so you can bring home pieces that you love.

our craft

“We get to be outside all day creating something that is adding to the environment – we are putting back what we as a whole have taken out.

We love growing bright, beautiful plants, and we love being able to give the world more green.”

-Christie Pollack, Co-owner


Plant People

Our kind and educated staff
make choosing the right plant easy. We focus on bringing beautiful, healthy plants into people’s lives, and giving our customers all the information they’ll need to flourish.

Helping you find plants that will enliven your space and bring you joy.

The right plant; the right space; just for you.



School Tours


A limited number of school tours are available in April and June. They are free for schools, to book contact us at


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