The Greenhouse


What We Do

What do you think of when I say garden? Most think of a plot of land in their grandparents yard with some vegetables or roses growing. When I hear garden, I think fashion. Gardening and fashion have always been intertwined and many fashion designers are gardeners. Playing with colour, texture, shape, and height, crafting spaces that really uncover an intimate part of who a person is. What you grow and how you grow it reflects who you are, just like what you wear speaks about a part of who you are.

Are you a foodie with the latest vegetables? Are you a nurturer looking for that rare flower that needs a little more work? Are you new to growing and are intrigued by what you might be able to create?

So what do we do? We grow a seed. We transplant a cutting. We give our plants the ideal growing conditions to become the very best plants they can become. We give them food, love, and attention. We grow dreams.

Why We Do it

We do it because it makes the world a better place. We do it because it makes people happy. We do it because it makes everyone healthier. We do it because we care about you.



School Tours

A limited number of school tours are available in April and June. They are free for schools, to book contact us at