About Us

Our Story

Wow, how to begin. As owners of this exciting company in this exciting time, we really owe so much thanks to our family, friends, team members, and customers. All of this, the greenhouse, the online store could not exist without each and every one of you. 

The beginning and foundation of the greenhouse is myself (Christie) and my husband, Tanner. Together with the support of our family and friends, we were able to envision and build a little piece of heaven. Because we’re so young, we often get asked how we did it. Tanner and I went to Farm  Credit Canada and applied for a loan; with Tanner’s parents backing our loan, we were able to secure the financing to build the greenhouse. My parents also ‘invested’ in the greenhouse, loaning us additional funds for operating (which we’re paying back). I talk more about the background of building this company on my other site christiepollack.com, no details spared.

The truth is, without our family, we wouldn’t be here. Back in 2012, two special ladies (Norma and Eileen) hinted at how nice it would be if I started a greenhouse. These two ladies are the whole reason Tanner and I even considered building and opening this business, and they also have been a huge support, even volunteering their own time in the spring to come in and transplant seedlings. My and Tanner’s background is in the agriculture industry. Tanner went to the University of Alberta and completed a science degree in range management. I went to Olds College and completed a diploma in production horticulture. Again, I go into more of my background over at christiepollack.com including all the jobs I’ve had and different experiences that led me here.