Our Summer Off (Kind-of)

This is the very first time we’re closing for the summer. We’re calling it our “summer off”, but it really isn’t. We’ve got TWO very exciting projects that we’re working on. We’re going to post updates here (on our blog) all summer long so you can follow us as we transform two areas in our business.

Project #1

The Tree & Shrub Area. Oh and a patio.

This area has bugged us since we’ve opened. Where do we put the trees and shrubs, how do we get them from falling over all the time. What about watering? Can we reach the hose waaayy over here? How can we protect everything from the wind? Well, this is the year we finally figured out how to set up the tree and shrub area!!!!

See this mess? We’re ripping it apart and installing a tree and shrub area that’ll help showcase all the beautiful trees and shrubs we carry. This season, we’re planting everything that we didn’t sell this spring. We’re so excited to show you what we have planned.

And you’ll be able to relax on the patio overlooking our gorgeous tree and shrub area.

Keep watching our blog for more updates through the summer.

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