7 tips for sprucing up your planters

It’s that time of the year where all our hanging baskets and planters could use a mid-summer spruce up.
Here are 7 tips for sprucing up your planters to make them last into the fall
  1. Fertilizer re-evaluation. Have you been fertilizing those beautiful baskets of yours? If not, it’s a good time to give them an extra shot. We recommend a 20-20-20 fertilizer at this time of the year on any annuals.
  2. Cut back any dead, or yucky looking branches. Anything that’s straggly, give it a bit of a haircut let your plant put its energy into producing new growth and flowers.
  3. Check how much water your basket has. Is it super wet? If so, is it draining properly? Is it dry? If it’s dry, give it a good drink.
  4. Review the location your planter lives in. Do you have shade plants in the sun or vise versa? If so, relocate them so they’ll be in their ideal location.
  5. Record. Write down the plants in your hanging basket/planter and notes about how they grew. Did you like how they turned out? Did you like the colours? What would you change for next year?
  6. Take pictures. Don’t forget to take pictures to add to your landscape album. Oh the wonderful things we create but forget to photograph.
  7.  Enjoy. Our summers are so short; remember to enjoy the work of art right in front of you in your yard.

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